January 3rd, 2008

Posted by Trinkit on Jan 3rd, 2008

So, starting this post early so that maybe during the day I can start to build a bit of content and get to some of those things that I alluded too in my previous post. Some may ask why I bother if I’m just spamming my own blog, main reason? To start up a dialog, even if it’s with noone other then myself and make it easier to continue doing so. The more I write the easier it becomes to do so, and if I make it a habit to post to my blog every day, it’ll be much easier to keep it up. It does however take a small bit of effort to force something into becoming habit.

So, without much else to babble about, gonna leave you with todays bit of MP3 blogging. I originally found this tune somewhere on the net with talk of it being used in an iPod advertisement. It’s pretty catchy, so here it is to be shared.

CSS - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex

The wimpy 2nd post of the year

Posted by Trinkit on Jan 2nd, 2008

So, new years resolution and all, and I’m barely managing to succeed for two days. I’m following up my first post with much of a second cop-out post that’s just here to fill the space. Although, I will confirm some intent. I do intend to keep up with Nintendo DS game reviews. I am going to retouch on the sudoku and picture logic games. I’m probably also going to keep posting a few MP3s every now and then, even though this isn’t specifically an MP3 blog, I think sharing the occasional tune will be fun.

So, not to drag this post out for a silly length, here’s the one bit of semi-good content. A remix of the Hello, Blue Roses song ‘Shadow Falls’ by Ruby Isle.

Ruby Isle - Shadow Falls

Attempt #309 at blogging.

Posted by Trinkit on Jan 1st, 2008

Multiple breaks, and a long leave of absence, have left me discouraged, and I’m sure any people who have stumbled upon this blog (a number of people have amazingly, especially due to my round ups of sudoku and picross games.) have lost interest or thought it completely abandoned. In some ways it has been as even with my new years resolution of taking this up again I debate scrapping it and starting anew, mind you I still think the name is catchy, but, wondering if starting anew would allow me to build some kind of momentum with it.

I’m still very surprised at the amount of traffic the sudoku and picross posts attracts, my last post was in august sometime and this place still gets 200-300 hits a month, which for a personal blog that has done no advertising it’s kinda interesting that if you hit the right niche, the traffic does come. Plans for the future? I really don’t know. Just hoping that I can convince myself to start making semi-frequent posts again, maybe I’ll start with some rehashing or updating of new resources for sudoku or picross since those were so popular and I’m sure there’s more to be had since my original posts.

This of course, is a cop-out post, just to go ahead with my new years resolution and at least attempt to post more frequently to the blog instead of ruining it before the first day of the new year is even over. ;) So, fire at will and flog me for not posting more often and when i do it being something mostly useless like this. However! I’m not gonna make it entirely useless, I’ll add in a small bit of MP3 Blogginess-like advertisement for a catchy song I’ve heard too many times recently.

Hello, Blue Roses - My Shadow Falls

Getting the right tools for the job.

Posted by Trinkit on May 20th, 2007

postinprogressOne of the things that always stifled my feline attempts at blogginess was that the interfaces to blogs well… they suck. Net lag and other factors just make it a real pain in the rump. So, I wanted to get an offline tool to post my blog posts with this time. Currently, I’m evaluating a piece of software called Blogdesk. The screenshot on the right shows my luverly pink desktop theme, and also the Blogdesk program. As it appears with half of this post written. First impressions of this software are really good. It seems to do everything that I could want to be done, with maybe the exception of ‘tagging’ the post. Although, as much fun as tagging is, I can’t say I’ve ever been particularly good at it in the first place.

Adding images to posts is a breeze, and all the formatting options available for posts are along the top of the interface. I don’t think there’s a whole lot I can fault Blogdesk on. I’ll have to keep using it for a while and see how it feels after a bit me thinks. There’s no immediate turn-offs or frustrations.

I has blog!

Posted by Trinkit on May 19th, 2007

I created the blog as a place to put down my thoughts and reviews on whatever the heck I feel like. Sure, general blogs don’t garner much public traffic, but, that’s not really the purpose of it. I suspect a few people will stumble here, get linked, etc, and may decide to keep reading, and that’s all well and good in the world, but, I’m not trying to create the next big thing and blogwhore my way to fame. Just want to rant about what I like and dislike and have a place I can link friends too when I do so.

The general theme is probably gonna focus around games and tech stuff that keeps my interest. Being the only technical minded kitty on the net, I tend to get asked lots of tech questions, so I may just post the answers to those things here as well. I also do some minor graphic work and webdesign, which, may get the occasional post dedicated to it. It almost would of been better named Trinkit’s melting pot. ;)

For those that wonder, the name is a play off the word ‘pause’. So named because I’m taking time out from my busy kitty play schedule to enlighten you with my feline views. Sides, if you don’t like it, your cat will.