Just a small update.

Posted by Trinkit on Feb 18th, 2008

I failed in my new years resolution, but, at least partially acceptable given the circumstances. It’s been over a month of constant ache and pain and few lucid days here and there and trying to find what direction to take things. It’s clear my previous choices in work, aren’t options anymore due to the damage done and the headaches I suffer constantly from the accident.

I do hope to be able to resume posting sometime soon, not from any amount of getting better, just as you experience pain on long term scales, it becomes more bearable even if it is agonizing. So, here’s to hoping I at least get some more worthwhile content on here aside from me whinging about being a cripple. There may be some updates regarding Sketchie Games in the near future as well.

Last.fm and Pandora.com

Posted by Trinkit on Jan 9th, 2008

Two music services that provide similar services but through different bits of input. Last.fm is a social site that recommends music to you based on what other people that listen to the same artists as you listen too. This often leads to things that are of interest even though they’re not musically styled the same. Pandora on the other hand strips music down to specific elements and you can tell it a band you like and it’ll recommend other songs that sound similar in style to what you recommended. Today, last.fm lead me to find the group that I’m posting for the song of the day. Anyways, both services are worth a peek. I’ve been told that Pandora no longer works outside of the U.S. which might be a bit of a pain, but, it’s probably pretty easy to get around this limitation.

This is yet another last minute post due to sleeping the day away to avoid the agony that comes with being conscious at the moment, it’s really putting a dull edge on this whole frequent posting thing, hope to get over this sooner rather than later.

I:Scintilla - Cursive Eve

Another Late Night Post.

Posted by Trinkit on Jan 8th, 2008

This, sadly, is becoming more habit then getting my post done is. For the past few nights it’s been close to the last possible minute for me to get a post in. I do have a good excuse, but, if I let myself get away with one I’d prolly let myself get away with all of them.

So, minor life updates, got 500 lawyers all wanting to take my case on the accident, and I got the police report today. It has the witness’ name on it which is awesome since at the time of the accident I wasn’t quite aware enough to catch his name, can send him a thank you card at very least.

The pain is still constant, today is the first day since the accident where I’ve spent more then an hour or two awake. If this keeps up I’ll be visiting a doctor to see if there’s something the initial exam missed or something.

Also, I’d love to post another song today, but, for the life of me can’t come up with anything worth posting, so will have to let this post go songless.

Saturday’s Events

Posted by Trinkit on Jan 6th, 2008

So, it’s not even one week in and I’ve missed a post.  Although, my resolve in posting every day has allowed me to forgive myself for that considering the situation and I’ll just post twice today, and consider this early am morning post to be Saturday’s.

I had planned a trip to the ranch for almost a week to go riding, and I was driving towards the ranch when out of nowhere some guy crashes into the rear of my car.  I wasn’t stopped, wasn’t slowing down, and he still hits the car hard enough that it’s totaled.  I spent most of the day in the hospital and then the rest of it crashed out on the medicine the doctor gave me.

Song of the day: Scarling - Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole

January 3rd, 2008

Posted by Trinkit on Jan 3rd, 2008

So, starting this post early so that maybe during the day I can start to build a bit of content and get to some of those things that I alluded too in my previous post. Some may ask why I bother if I’m just spamming my own blog, main reason? To start up a dialog, even if it’s with noone other then myself and make it easier to continue doing so. The more I write the easier it becomes to do so, and if I make it a habit to post to my blog every day, it’ll be much easier to keep it up. It does however take a small bit of effort to force something into becoming habit.

So, without much else to babble about, gonna leave you with todays bit of MP3 blogging. I originally found this tune somewhere on the net with talk of it being used in an iPod advertisement. It’s pretty catchy, so here it is to be shared.

CSS - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex

Trinkitty has returned

Posted by Trinkit on Jul 6th, 2007

I’ve been missing for a week or so whilst I made my transition from Canadian kitty to American. Still heavy in the move though, got lots of crap to move around an unpack. Hoping I’ll be able to return to a more active posting schedule soon.

It’s not exactly 1 month after I made my return to the states.  I’ve still not managed to get life settled, it’s hard when you have to transition everything.  My schedule’s still an absolute mess.  My blog’s been discovered by spambots though.  Which makes for an interesting look at the stats.  It appears my traffic’s skyrocketed during my time away.

I’ve got a nice plan for some future posts though, keep an eye out. :)

I has blog!

Posted by Trinkit on May 19th, 2007

I created the blog as a place to put down my thoughts and reviews on whatever the heck I feel like. Sure, general blogs don’t garner much public traffic, but, that’s not really the purpose of it. I suspect a few people will stumble here, get linked, etc, and may decide to keep reading, and that’s all well and good in the world, but, I’m not trying to create the next big thing and blogwhore my way to fame. Just want to rant about what I like and dislike and have a place I can link friends too when I do so.

The general theme is probably gonna focus around games and tech stuff that keeps my interest. Being the only technical minded kitty on the net, I tend to get asked lots of tech questions, so I may just post the answers to those things here as well. I also do some minor graphic work and webdesign, which, may get the occasional post dedicated to it. It almost would of been better named Trinkit’s melting pot. ;)

For those that wonder, the name is a play off the word ‘pause’. So named because I’m taking time out from my busy kitty play schedule to enlighten you with my feline views. Sides, if you don’t like it, your cat will.