Another Late Night Post.

Posted by Trinkit on Jan 8th, 2008

This, sadly, is becoming more habit then getting my post done is. For the past few nights it’s been close to the last possible minute for me to get a post in. I do have a good excuse, but, if I let myself get away with one I’d prolly let myself get away with all of them.

So, minor life updates, got 500 lawyers all wanting to take my case on the accident, and I got the police report today. It has the witness’ name on it which is awesome since at the time of the accident I wasn’t quite aware enough to catch his name, can send him a thank you card at very least.

The pain is still constant, today is the first day since the accident where I’ve spent more then an hour or two awake. If this keeps up I’ll be visiting a doctor to see if there’s something the initial exam missed or something.

Also, I’d love to post another song today, but, for the life of me can’t come up with anything worth posting, so will have to let this post go songless.

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