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Posted by Trinkit on Jan 10th, 2008

I’ve been posting MP3s on most of my posts as of late, and I thought maybe I should share some of the resources that are useful for picking up a song quickly. resultsFirst up, it’s a clean and quick ajaxy type search engine for songs, you can stream them in your browser or download the results. This site appears ad-free. Thus gets my first vote. frontpage It greets you with a minimalistic page similar of google, after entering your search terms you get a nice listing of the results and a bit of metadata about each file. frontpage, another offering, seems to be much the same as skreemr, just rebranded. frontpage, has a bit messier of an interface and is very littered with ads, it’s search results also include the metadata about the song file. frontpage, appears much as mp3realm and skreemr, but doesn’t have as many obvious ads, there is an image on the search results that appears semi-ad-like, but it’s kinda hard to tell as it looks like it’s to a page owned by the maintainers.

Despite having to cheat and edit after midnight, I still got the majority of the post in, I know, I’m bad about that. I made it in and I leave you with today’s song of the post.

The Birthday Massacre - Promise Me

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  1. Fizber Says:

    Which of these sites is free.

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