Getting the right tools for the job.

Posted by Trinkit on May 20th, 2007

postinprogressOne of the things that always stifled my feline attempts at blogginess was that the interfaces to blogs well… they suck. Net lag and other factors just make it a real pain in the rump. So, I wanted to get an offline tool to post my blog posts with this time. Currently, I’m evaluating a piece of software called Blogdesk. The screenshot on the right shows my luverly pink desktop theme, and also the Blogdesk program. As it appears with half of this post written. First impressions of this software are really good. It seems to do everything that I could want to be done, with maybe the exception of ‘tagging’ the post. Although, as much fun as tagging is, I can’t say I’ve ever been particularly good at it in the first place.

Adding images to posts is a breeze, and all the formatting options available for posts are along the top of the interface. I don’t think there’s a whole lot I can fault Blogdesk on. I’ll have to keep using it for a while and see how it feels after a bit me thinks. There’s no immediate turn-offs or frustrations.

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